Nuura Anoli

We included a number of these beautiful Nuura Anoli pendants on a recent project and absolutely love them! The Anoli pendant from Nuura is an elegant addition to any space. Even better news is that there is a whole Anoli family consisting not only of different sizes but also of colours , finishes and arrangements - the collection ranges from sleek pendants to elegant chandeliers and can be customised for larger projects and private homes.


We are looking forward to using more products from this fantastic label!


Radius Pendant Lamp By Fild

We love the new addition to the Fild family - the Radius Pendant is elegant and bold.

Available in white, black, grey and dimmed blue powder-coated steel and combined with either natural tone or chocolate tone wood. The dimensions (mm) are: 104, H:160. The pendant also features a unique ceiling rose design with the colour matching that of the main body of the pendant.


Introducing the Tull Metal Cage Lamp by Incipit Lab

Designed by Tommaso Caldera, we used the fabulous Tull Metal Cage from Incipit Lab on a recent project in Barrow St, Dublin.

It is available in two models, floor/table lamp and pendant. Its simple bold design, striking colours and a selection of either matte or polished finishes have made it a firm favourite of ours.


Introducing the fabulous Tull Metal Cage Lamp from Incipit Lab!!

Designed by Tommaso Caldera the Tull Metal Cage from Incipit Lab which we used on a very recent project in Barrow Street, Dublin is a beautiful lamp.

It is available in two models- the floor/table lamp and a ceiling pendant in striking colours.